My name is Miriam Bohlmann Kunz, and I am serving in Nyíregyháza, Hungary with the Evangelical Church in America (ELCA) as a Young Adult in Global Mission (YAGM). From August 2016-July 2017 my hope is to witness and share God's love in the beautiful country that is Hungary. YAGM emphasizes serving with the accompaniment model, which is serving by living alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. So this year I am moving forward in the faith of God's love, expecting to come across grace both in expected and unexpected places.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A post about my dad (but like Hungary and God too)

Today is a special day: it is my dad, Michael Kunz's, 59th birthday!!!! However, since I am over 5,000 miles away, gift giving is a bit limited. So, Dad, this blog post is dedicated to you. Here are things you, my dad, would most like/appreciate about Hungary and my time here in Hungary so far:

  1. Meeting strangers (or to Mr. Kunz, future friends) everywhere!
  2. Eating so many different kinds of meat. There is one dish where they roll cheese up in ham, then they put it in chicken, then they fry it.
  3. Exploring Budapest on my own by just hopping on the Metro, going to the end of the line, and then following the pretty buildings.
    Me exploring Budapest
  4. People being excited to share their local history with you. In Sárszentlőrinc they took us to a tree where a famous Hungarian writer got his inspiration, and to an old shotgun shell factory. In Budapest, they pointed out the old medieval city wall, the arrows on buildings that mark old bomb shelters, and much more.
    Reading at the famous tree
  5. Getting to practice my navigating skills in foreign languages in villages, towns, and cities.
  6. You can buy wine in 2 liter bottles (which I haven't bought, but I know Mr. Kunz would enjoy).
  7. Playing games and games of Hearts (a card game) with my fellow YAGMs, and one time winning a game by shooting the moon on the last hand (I was going to lose, and we thought someone else took a point, so I just took the rest for fun, and ended up shooting the moon).
  8. Hiking up to the top of the hill in Révfülöp to watch the sunrise.
  9. Did I mention the food? Soup everyday, lots of meat, vegetables are mostly served cooked, and the fruit in season is so delicious! I had the most delicious plum the other day!
  10. Okay, one more thing about food; there is ice cream on every corner it feels like, and it is also so good!
  11. Impromptu singing with the Roma college students literally all the time. My. Dad. Would. LOVE! THIS!!!!
  12. Lastly, what I think you would love the most is sharing in communion and community with a whole new group of people, and getting to experience and share God's grace with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
I think about my family and my dad everyday I am here in Hungary, but today I am thinking of my dad especially. Through out my life he has been a fantastic model of vocation: even though he has had many different professions, he has found a way to proclaim the Word (God's love and grace) wherever he finds himself. I am so lucky to have a dad (and the rest of my family) who not only supports me, but also encourages me to be true to myself and my calling as a child of God, even when that means flying 5,000 miles away for an entire year. So happy birthday to the most amazing sports companion, goofball, popcorn popper, cynical Cardinals fan, and dad I could ask for. Thanks to your love and support, I continue forward in faith, with grace expectations. (Also, Mr. Kunz deserves copyright for that slogan)


Me and my dad being adorable. Also, I wore this shirt today.


  1. this was the best birthday gift you could give me....thanks! Love you every day! Dad

  2. That is all so True and Beautiful, Miriam! You're Dad has a Special Gift in You! Love, Jane

  3. That is all so True and Beautiful, Miriam! You're Dad has a Special Gift in You! Love, Jane

  4. It's all so True and Beautiful, Miriam! You're Dad has a Special Gift in You! Love, Jane

  5. What a beautiful tribute! Best description ever.